Our volunteer trustees have overall control of the charity and are responsible for making sure it’s doing what it was set up to do. Being a trustee means making decisions that will impact on people’s lives and our trustees do make a positive difference to the lives of people and families affected by Noonan Syndrome and related conditions (on the Ras/MAPK pathway) in the UK. Our board of trustees use their skills and experience to support the organisation and help the charity achieve its aims.

Trustees’ 6 main duties

1. Ensure the charity is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit

2. Comply with the charity’s governing document and the law

3. Act in the charity’s best interests

4. Manage the charity’s resources responsibly

5. Act with reasonable care and skill

6. Ensure the charity is accountable

The trustees of the NSA make decisions about the charity together, working as a team. Face to face meetings take place 4 times a year in London or Birmingham with teleconferences in between. The board is welcoming, friendly and resourceful, however more help is always greatly appreciated. 

If you feel that you have a skill that you can share to move our organisation forward then we would love to hear from you. 

Enquiries to become a trustee or offers for support to the charity are most welcome and should be made via the charity manager on info@noonansyndrome.org.uk