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Education FAQ

Can I complete an EHCP without all the reports?
My daughter is in the process of going through an education health care needs assessment but her reports for health including OT are 5 years old. She has been re referred for therapies but the new reports will not be completed in time to be considered for the assessment. What can I do?Awaiting reports can cause a delay so to avoid this you would complete your EHCP and then when the reports come you then submit those to the local authority and you would ask them to make amendments to the EHCP to take into consideration those reports.Question asked and answered at our family’s day 2018
Do I need an EHCP for my child’s needs to be met?

What can I do about my child in education who is borderline but not statemented for special needs?

Just because a child didn’t have a statement of educational needs or an Education & Health Care Needs assessment didn’t mean that their needs shouldn’t be met. Any child who is identified as having a special need or disability, is entitled under the Equalities Act to have education and support in school. It’s important to go back to the school and talk to them about it. It doesn’t matter if the child has a diagnosis or not, if they’ve identified some weak areas then the school should be addressing that through the SEN Support and should have a plan in place. They should have a cycle of assess/plan/do/review and the parent should be involved in designing and reviewing that plan.

Question asked and answered at our family’s day 2015

Is funding transferable funding between local authorities?

Our daughter has an EHCP that has just gone through the review process and she has received a good amount of funding. We live in London in one borough and may be moving to another borough before school starts in September. How easy is it to transfer and will the funding automatically come with her or will the borough say no so you have to start again?

When the EHCP transfers, the new local authority would look at the current plan and they would put your child in the provision that would be the appropriate for them on that plan. However, within about a term they would then do a review of that plan as authorities have different ways of funding their special needs budget. If there is a local parents organisation for special education needs in the borough then these are very useful as often parents sometimes are the best source of information. Especially parents that have been in the situation and in the system for decades.

Question asked and answered at our family’s day 2018

Is it a good idea to pay for a second opinion when completing an EHCP?

My son has got Noonan Syndrome but his situation is complex. I am getting him ready to go to a special school for reception in September but I do not know what is or what isn’t the right funding for him. I am trying to understand what is the right type of support that my son needs and I am worried about the views of my local authority. Should I pay for an expert second opinion?

If you are going through the education health and care plan you have to have an education psychologist report and if necessary, speech and language report and / or OT reports which are all funded through the local authority. As some parents worry that the local authority is only putting in their reports what they think they can provide parents often do go for private assessments and get somebody from another organisation to come in and assess the child to see what they think professionally they need. The local authority has to look at those reports, however they don’t have to act upon them. If a family feel they have not been awarded adequate provision then the process would be to enter a tribunal. It shouldn’t cost anything to go to tribunal, there are lots of organisations that can support parents through the process, but it is a court of law. It is a stressful situation; it takes lot of work to put your case together and it is not an easy solution. It can be a challenging situation. There the funding cuts that are happening nationally, but most schools will try to do the very best for the children. However, it is important that your voice is heard and that you keep your voice heard.

Question asked and answered at our family’s day 2018

Is my child entitled to emotional support at school?

My child gets very stressed about any challenges that the teacher sets and I worry they aren’t receiving the right emotional support at school. Can I do anything? 

One of the areas in the Code of Practice is social, emotional and mental health issues and emotional support is exactly what that covers. If she is having anxiety issues, school should be putting in strategies around that. If they don’t know what to do, they can get an Educational Psychologist to suggest strategies, but a lot of schools have buddying or mentoring groups that work in boosting self-esteem so there are things schools should be doing in addition to just “learning”.

Question asked and answered at our family’s day 2015