medical advisory group

At the NSA we work closely with an experienced and highly skilled team of medical experts.

These medical practitioners work alongside our trustees and charity manager to ensure that applications for research on the syndrome are relevant to the condition and that money raised towards research is spent in the most beneficial way.

The team also advise us on the latest international research and developments in knowledge on the Rasopathy pathway so that we can disseminate this to our members. Members of the NSA have the opportunity annually to meet with representatives from the medical advisory group and to ask their questions directly at our informative Families for Families Day.

Unfortunately it isn’t possible for our medical advisers to answer specific questions from members about individual cases as every situation has to be considered in its own individual circumstances, and accurate support and advice cannot be provided without a full history and examination and access to medical records.

In the first instance, you and your doctors may find the current Noonan guidelines helpful. The guidelines can be accessed here:

We are currently working with our medical advisers to update these, and once complete, they will be available on the web-site. Your local Clinical Genetic Service is also a useful resource. Your doctors may also have access to the on-line textbook UpToDate; The chapter on Noonan syndrome was written by two of our medical advisers.


advisory group 2

Consultant in Clinical Genetics, St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester

Consultant Clinical Geneticist and Adviser to the Noonan Syndrome Association

Consultant Clinical Geneticist, St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester

Head of Lymphoedema Team, St George’s Hospital, London

Consultant in Dermatology and Lympho-vascular Medicine, St George’s Hospital

Consultant in Clinical Genetics, St George’s Hospital

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Manchester and Manchester Academic Health Sciences Centre

Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist/Honorary Senior Lecturer, Great Ormond Street Hospital

Consultant Cardiologist (Congenital Heart Disease), Bristol Heart Institute

Consultant Cardiologist, Royal Brompton & Harefield, London

Consultant Paediatrician, Great Ormond Street Hospital

Reader in Human Genetics, Institute of Molecular and Clinical Sciences, St George’s Hospital.

Dr Shruti Garg

Clinical Senior Lecturer in Translational Child Psychiatry, University of Manchester

Each year we welcome our medical advisers to our families day where they are able to present the latest research, explaining the relevance of this research to our families and directly answer questions that our audience have. You can find audio recordings from previous families days here:

2018 – Families day recordings from the medical panel

2017 – Information for teachers

Professor Green’s Presentation – Families Day 2016
Question to the NSA Medical Advisory Group 2016

Questions to the NSA Medical Advisory Group 2015