My name is Mark Legg. I am going to be 30 years old in April 2016. I have got Noonan’s Syndrome and I have had Noonan’s since I was born. I don’t like having Noonan’s Syndrome – it makes me feel very sad, but I have coped with it very well and I am very proud of myself and also my parents are too.

I am living in my own flat in Penge and I have been living in my own flat now for 5 years. I love living in my own flat and I have great friends there. I have a main carer that helps me if I need it for doing the ironing, washing my clothes, doing the housework and going out and about to the cinema, shopping to buy my weekly food, bowling, theatre and swimming. She also helps me to cook a meal every evening.

I go to a Gateway Club every Thursday night where I do board games and help to make the tea and coffee. I go to work two days a week Monday and Tuesday in Bromley. I work at the HR office at the Civic Centre in Bromley. My tasks are to make the staff a cup of tea or coffee, do the photocopying, shredding and scanning. I have worked at the Civic Centre now for 4 years. I love working there and all the staff are very nice. I go to events with them such as Christmas meals, birthday meals and leaving do’s.

I have a great Mum and Dad that look after me. I see them every weekend. I have got an older brother and sister in law who I love very much. I have just become an uncle. I have now my very first nephew – his name is Deacon Ernest Legg. I see my nephew every two weeks and I am very proud of him.