Consultant Clinical Geneticist Adviser to the Noonan Syndrome Association

Professor Michael Patton was involved in the establishment of the original Noonan Syndrome family group in 1985 and has continued to work with Noonan families since then.  He has undertaken extensive genetic and clinical research into the condition and was head of the UK research group that identified the first gene for Noonan Syndrome.  He has published 25 papers on Noonan syndrome.

He has worked at St Georges Hospital as a Consultant Clinical Geneticist and set up the South West Thames Regional Genetic Service for South West London, Surrey and West Sussex.  He also established the Academic Department of Medical Genetics and carried out research into other malformation syndromes and gene identification in consanguineous populations.  He is also an Honorary Professor of Medical Genetics at University College London and at the University of Exeter and an Honorary Fellow at Green Templeton College Oxford.

He was a Founder and a Trustee of the Newlife Foundation which has supported research into birth defects and provided therapeutic equipment for disabled children throughout the UK.

Recently he became the Group Medical Director of HSL Pathology which is a Joint Venture between University College Hospital, Royal Free Hospital and the independent sector which is reconfiguring pathology services across north London.  The new laboratory facilities opening in 2017 will become the largest diagnostic laboratory in the UK.

Publications on Noonan Syndrome from our medical advisor