We are putting recordings of some of the sessions and presentations from the 2018 Families for Families Day here, and the first up are Two Family Stories – Andrea Reid-Kelly and Brian Carlton, both of whom have Noonan Syndrome, tell their own stories of how it has affected them and their families:

Noonans 2018 – Session 1 – Andrea

Noonans 2018 – Session 2 – Brian

Next we have recordings of the presentations by Dr Emma Burkitt Wright on Noonan Syndrome & Pregnancy and Noonan Syndrome and The Heart by Dr Juan Pablo Kaski (we are working on making transcripts and the accompanying  illustrative slides available)

Noonans 2018 – Session 4 – Emma

Noonans 2018 – Session 5 – Juan

The Question & Answer session was so popular that we had to continue it after lunch so it’s in two parts:

Noonans 2018 – Session 6 – Q and A 1

Noonans 2018 – Session 7 – Q and A 2

and Professor Kerr spoke about the latest research developments and the linked progress on patient registries

Noonans 2018 – Session 8 – Bronwyn

Professor Patton and Dr Alistair Patton talked about thier lon awaited 30 Year Follow Up Study

Noonans 2018 – Session 9 – Michael and Alistair

And not forgetting education issues, Sue Miller answered questions on transition, parental advice etc

Noonans 2018 – Session 11 – Education