Running and fundraising – go hand in hand for Lucy

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‘Lucy the runner’ – is something Lucy Scanlon never thought she’d be called, but having completed her first running event in 2015, she got bitten by the bug and hasn’t stopped since, raising £3,000 along the way for us.

It was the Chester half marathon that she first competed in, which she thought might be a one-off…but it wasn’t! She’d only ever run a 5km before, so to run a half marathon was a huge achievement.
She found that she enjoyed running for both the fitness and stress relief benefits, so decided to turn running challenges into fundraisers for our charity.
She’s finished two half marathons and also the Manchester Marathon this year – and isn’t finished yet!

Lucy is mum to Bethan, 11, and a toddler when she was diagnosed with Noonan Syndrome – but it took some time for the diagnosis to come, as Lucy explains.
“Bethan was our second child, a sister to Grace who is three years older and it was when she had an eye infection that caused her eyelids to droop, that we started to realise that other things were not as we had expected them to be.
“Although we hadn’t realised it, she had always tilted her head back to see. This eventually led to her diagnosis with symptoms such as distinct facial features, low set ears, deformed chest bone, low hairline, feet rolling in at the ankles and a congenital heart defect.”

It was at this time that Lucy and husband Tony, 47, were told about our charity by their geneticist, in case they needed extra support.
Lucy said: “We’ve never reached out for help, but knowing they are there is good to know. I hope that my fundraising helps them to support people who come to them – and it may well be us in the future.”

Not everyone has to run long-distance to raise money for us.

There are so many ways to raise money and we’d love to hear from people with their ideas and events!

Get in touch if you’d like to fundraise for us and we’ll offer help and support to you.