St George’s Hospital has gained large scale funding to take forward the work on Lymphoedema which NSA pump primed

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Many of you will recall that we have been supporting St George’s Hospital’s research into disorders of the Lymphatic system associated with Noonan Syndrome. The charity put in some pump priming funds with the longer term aim of this leading to a fully fledged research project. Well we have now heard from St George’s that as a consequence of this initial work, they have successfully secured a large grant over 5 years, one of the aspects of which is to develop their experience in “imaging the lymphatics using MRL and intranodal lymphangiography. These techniques will identify the underlying weakness of the lymphatics and, in some cases with leaking lymphatics, it may be possible to identify and seal the leak” which sounds very promising and it’s great that the charity was able to help in this way.  We’ll have more news on research in the near future.