The good work of ERN-ITHACA

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Members of our medical advisory group work in collaboration with The European Reference Network on Congenital Malformations and Rare Intellectual Disability – thankfully known as ERN-ITHACA to progress research. Just for your information the organisation has been supporting research in a number of ways:

 *  Establishing a research working group to bring together those with a greater interest in research

 *  Participation in the cross-ERN Working Group on Research

 *  Contribution to writing of the European Joint Programme on Rare Disease

 *  Participation as an ERN in the H2020 SOLVE-RD project

 *  Circulation of calls for rare disease patients to participate in funded studies being undertaken by partners

 *  Creating opportunities for trainee research attachments

 *  Aiming to foster new research collaborations and to write joint grant applications for future funding