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The NSA is dedicated to supporting people and families affected by Noonan Syndrome and related conditions (on the Ras/MAPK pathway) in the UK

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Recent News

  • Update


    Firstly we hope that you are staying safe during this extremely difficult time. I know a lot of you are staying in contact during this time via the various social …Read More »


    The Noonan Syndrome Families Day and Activities Weekend scheduled to take place from 3rd to 5th April has been postponed following the escalating issues arising from the spread of the …Read More »
  • The Coronavirus Situation

    The Coronavirus Situation

    We are very aware that the Coronavirus Covid19 outbreak can be particularly worrying for those of us with a family member with Noonan Syndrome and very much share in concerns …Read More »

Recent Blogs

  • Case Study – Lizzie Armour

    Case Study – Lizzie Armour

    “Failure to thrive” – a phrase no parent wants to see written in their baby’s health records, but this is what Lizzie sees when she looks back at her own. …Read More »
  • Living with Noonan Syndrome

    Living with Noonan Syndrome

    Andrea was four and a half when she had her first open heart surgery, having been diagnosed at birth with Pulmonary Valve Stenosis. But it wasn’t until she was 16 …Read More »
  • My Journey With Noonan Syndrome

    My Journey With Noonan Syndrome

    I became involved with Noonan syndrome almost by accident but now I have completed almost 30 years of research into the condition and helped to discover the main gene responsible …Read More »