Posted on 15th March 2020 by Sandie


We are very aware that the Coronavirus Covid19 outbreak can be particularly worrying for those of us with a family member with Noonan Syndrome and very much share in concerns about the situation. Everyone’s case and circumstances are different of course and that means unfortunately that neither we nor our Medical Advisers are in a position to be able to give individual medical advice but we can signpost you towards some useful sources of information whilst we keep an eye on developments.

This is an evolving situation and government recommendations are frequently changing. You will probably be aware that the recommendations for calling 111 have recently changed and we now have to be extra cautious of a temperature and any new continuous coughs within our communities. The updated NHS advise is here:

The guidance document for those returning from travel to the UK has now been withdrawn and this has been superseded by stay at home guidance. A link to this guidance is here:

Whilst there are no specific additional recommendations for those with underlying health conditions it is of course even more important to take extra caution and follow government advise closely. We would also suggest that you keep in contact with the medical team and GP surgery that know and understand your individual circumstances and can provide specific advice.

We are also currently in discussion with Whitemoor Lakes about our Families event and will be sending out a message about this in the early part of next week.