Posted on 17th February 2021 by ns_admin

Our Campaigns

Our new campaign #NoonanHero is all about sharing experiences and reaching out within our community to spread the message ‘you are not alone’ and to raise awareness of Noonan Syndrome in society. Anyone can be a #NoonanHero; people who have  Noonan Syndrome, parents, siblings, family members, friends, medical staff, therapists and education staff, anyone who does what they can to enrich and support our community. We know that our members find enormous benefit from knowing that others are going through similar experiences and that there are people willing to support. This in turn reduces anxiety and helps us all to increase our resilience and to achieve the best outcomes for ourselves and those we care for. 

 You can help the NSA to inform and inspire by sharing posts and tweets of your everyday life, including the hashtag #NoonanHero and mentioning us using our social media addresses. 

There are lots of ways that you can support the work of The Noonan Syndrome Association and this is a simple way for us all to support each other.  From time to time we will also announce a call to action on our social media. These will range from such things as a request for images with permission to use in our media to ways that you can support our fundraising and awareness raising campaigns. So keep an eye out for #CallToAction and do what you can to support us and spread the word.

 There are so many ways to be a #NoonanHero and here are just a few;

·       Use #NoonanHero and #NoonanHeroes in your social media posts

·       Follow us on your social media platforms and like, comment and share our posts

·       Look out for our calls to action, identified by the #CallToAction hashtag, and do what you can to support these specific campaigns

·       Share information with us that we could use in our blog posts

·       Host fundraising events, these can be as large or small as you are happy with

·       Become a regular giver or donate via Virgin Money Giving | Donation | Donation amount

·       Raise funds for us when you shop online without it costing you a penny, by signing up and using Give as You Live and Easy Fundraiser or Amazon Smile Do you have an Amazon account? – Noonan Syndrome Association

We can all be #NoonanHeroes so post your daily life photos, triumphs, fundraising activities & reasons to be proud. Let’s get the word out!

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