My 20-year-old son was diagnosed with Noonan’s when he was 10 years old. With a lot of support and help he did reasonably well at school and college, but is now struggling to adapt to adult life out in the workplace. He finds it particularly difficult to express his feelings and emotions. I just wondered if you could recommend someone who might be able to help or offer advice.

It’s understandable there will be some challenges in moving from the safe and known environment of education into the new and at times confusing world of work. Mencap have produced a resource leaflet which may have some useful links for help with building relationships and expressing emotions. Keyworkers at support organisations are very experienced in working with these sorts of issues, and can offer advice to parents as well as directly support your son.
There are also organisations who support adults with learning difficulties in employment, acting as a bridge between the employee and employer to ensure the employee is fully supported with practical issues around employment (understanding HR and payroll etc.) as well as workplace relationships. If you do an internet search on ‘supported employment services’ in your area, you should find the organisations that help with this. They are also a useful point of contact for other activities and specialists in your area who may be able to provide specific support to you and your son.