My son has ASD/ADHD. Other than medication, what other routes are there?

This depends upon the age of your child and other circumstances. There are a range of psychological therapies for ASD. From early life really focusing on improving social communication, usually in a family or parent-child context is proving effective and has opened up some really interesting thinking about the flexibility of Autism symptoms. Psycho-social therapies are important including parent-child communication, and aiding social skills and social adaptation. The child can learn techniques and coping strategies and so-called social stories are very popular and are really quite effective. It is also important to consider the environment in relation to the child; the lives of these children can be made hugely better if the environment can be adapted round them and understands them. So, ways of managing and working out strategies for social situations when you find it difficult. For ADHD, it’s a slightly different picture, but environmental adaptation can be useful.