I joined as a trustee in May 2020, after attending the NSA Families weekend in April 2019 and realised that my experience could help others with the condition. I have a daughter Rose (born in 2005) diagnosed with Noonan Syndrome (sporadic gene mutation in PTPN11). In March 2020 I was proud to run the Cambridge Half Marathon and raise over £700 for the charity.

I am a trained research scientist (to postdoctoral level) in the field of cell signalling in health and disease at the Universities of Birmingham and Cambridge, and recently worked for the last 7 years as a science technician in secondary schools. Having my daughter with Noonan Syndrome became my lifelong research project and I enthusiastically researched the condition from her diagnosis 14 years ago. In particular, I have expertise in areas which she has had to conquer, such as treatment with growth hormone and learning disabilities. I specifically enjoy helping with the medical and research team on the Board.